What are “The Promises?”

“The Promises” of all 12-Step programs come from “The Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous.  (You can read all of them by clicking on “The Promises” at the top of this page.)  They are the reason why we go through all the hard work of “doing” the 12 Steps.  Like myself, millions of people in recovery take great comfort in reading these promises to themselves often, sometimes daily, to remind themselves why they are working so hard at all this.  We all have things happen to us or in our lives that will take the wind out of our sails of recovery, but still we press on.  Why?  Because we really, truly believe that these promises will come to pass.  We “trust the process,” as they say.  “But why?”, you may ask again.  Because, by going to meetings, we are constantly seeing them come true for so many who have gone before us.  But even more importantly, it’s because we have begun to experience The Promises for ourselves, and nothing (and I mean NOTHING!) can create faith the way first-hand experience does!

You will eventually hear in the halls of OA that all addicts have “built-in forgetters” when it comes to recovery, meaning that we constantly need to be re-reminded why we ever decided to fight this battle in the first place.  By reading The Promises on a regular basis, not only does it train our minds to focus on something positive for a change, but it helps us to combat this pesky forgetfulness and reminds us that the battle is indeed worth the fight.  So in times of doubt, temptation, or despair, give this a try: find a quiet place to sit or lie down and read The Promises to yourself, really thinking about each.  Imagine what it would mean to you, personally, if each came true – how each would change your life in another positive way.  Try to picture what living that new “promised” life would be like.  You will be surprised how just a few minutes of this will lift your spirits just enough to get your butt back out on that battlefield.

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