Lies I’ve Been Living-By

My NON-Resolutions for 2013

To me, one of the greatest gifts of working a 12-Step Program is the fact that I no longer have to beat-myself-up with all the impossible dieting resolutions that I used to make every year.  Here are a few of my “favorites,” (if you know what I mean): “I will be at my goal weight by spring.” …Continue reading →

Choice vs. Punishment

This may seem like a small thing, but it has made a huge difference in my life…so I think it is well worth your while to spend some time meditating on this concept that took me 24 years to figure-out… ABSTINENCE  IS  A  CHOICE,  NOT  A  PUNISHMENT ! ! ! As both a child and a …Continue reading →

“When I am thin,…”

What did I think being thin was all about?  Why, Fame & Fortune, of course!  And men falling at my feet!  And no more problems of any kind!  No more conflicts with anyone!  And no more skin break-outs!  And no more unwanted body hair!  And looking like a playboy centerfold even when I am sleeping!  …Continue reading →

“But I DESERVE it!”

This lie has lessened in me, but still lingers to this day.  There is still a small part of me that thinks that I should be “allowed” to eat whatever I want – or maybe a better way of saying it would be that I think I should be “exempt” from having to eat healthy, …Continue reading →

Lies On My Addiction To Food

Through the process of writing my 4th Step, I uncovered SO, so many lies that I have been living by  – without even knowing that I was living by them.  That’s the scary part.  It’s one thing to know you are lying to yourself, but it’s quite another to have no clue that you’re lying …Continue reading →