Medications? No Way!! Processed Foods? No Problem!!

It was not until about two years ago that I stumbled-upon this amazing paradox that exists in the minds of many (if not all) addicts.  It is the idea that we get so scared, almost to the point of panic, about ingesting some things, and yet, we never give a second thought to destroying our …Continue reading →

Drinking vs Eating

For years in program I tended to go along with the idea I’ve heard from many AA’s who have crossed-over to become OA’s:  the idea that giving up overeating is far more difficult than giving up drinking alcohol because you still have to eat at least 3 times per day, but you never have to …Continue reading →

I’m Ba-ack!

Hello, All: Hoping that this is the beginning of a new batch of posts.  Since I started this project, back in March of 2012, I am happy, thankful, and grateful to report that I am still abstinent, I’m back on my exercise routine, and I have lost another 15 pounds!  That’s a grand total of …Continue reading →

What I Got Out Of Food

This idea was extremely difficult for me to understand.  For years and years I have been to counselors who tried to get to the bottom of why I ate so much.  They all said, in one way or another, that I must be getting something out of overeating or else I wouldn’t be doing it.  …Continue reading →

There Are No Obese Lions

Ever notice that there are no obese lions out in the wild? No overweight gazelles trying to outrun them? No fat prairie dogs peeking out of the ground? With the exception of hibernation, I don’t think there are any cases of wild animal obesity, do you?  I mean, I haven’t researched this, so maybe it …Continue reading →

The Uncoolest Addiction Of Them All

Have you ever noticed that some addictions are “cooler” than others?  I think this is really clear with cigarette smoking.  “Back in the day,” it was the thing to do if you wanted to be cool.  Watch any episode of “I Love Lucy” and you’ll see what I mean. Drinking & Drugging?  To me they …Continue reading →

Sweet & Lowdown

One of my most persistent food issues has to do with artificial sweeteners.  When I first became abstinent, they were the least of my worries, but as my abstinence has changed and I have been better able to focus on the nutritional soundness of what I AM eating rather than the “monumental sacrifices” I have …Continue reading →

The Big Book’s “Food Plan”

The following is an excerpt from The Big Book, pages 133-134: “One of the many doctors who had the opportunity of reading this book in manuscript form told us that the use of sweets was often helpful, of course depending upon a doctor’s advice.  He thought that all alcoholics should constantly have chocolates available for …Continue reading →

Fat Clothes / Skinny Clothes

I have often heard it said that a good food addict has an entire closet-full of clothes that range from their smallest size to their largest size because they never know what size they are going to be from year to year (or sometimes, from month to month).  That was me.  I had everything from …Continue reading →

My Earliest Binge Memory

Following is a description of my first compulsive overeating memory.  It is very early on a Saturday or Sunday morning and my parents are asleep.  I can’t remember being in my bed, what got me up, what I was thinking as I tip-toed to the fridge, or why I was craving what I ate.  I …Continue reading →