Drinking vs Eating

For years in program I tended to go along with the idea I’ve heard from many AA’s who have crossed-over to become OA’s:  the idea that giving up overeating is far more difficult than giving up drinking alcohol because you still have to eat at least 3 times per day, but you never have to drink alcohol again.  This secretly made me feel like I was a member of a more elite club in OA – like, “ah, yes, you finally understand the plight of the overeater – – yes, it is indeed far worse than that alcohol addiction of yours.”  Well, maybe not that exaggerated, but you get the point.  But a few weeks ago, I heard someone at a meeting with a totally different take on it, and I think it is right on target.

She said that eating and drinking addictions are much more alike than most of us might care to admit.  Just as the overeater must continue to eat healthy foods, the alcoholic must continue to drink healthy beverages.  It is not as though either of us gives up the behavior, per se, but we give up only certain kinds of substances while continuing to ingest others in the same way.  This makes food and drink compulsions both unique when compared to other addictions, and yet, similar when compared to each other.  She then went on to say that even if you really did give up ALL food and ALL drink, the overeater would be in far better shape because you can live for weeks without eating, but only days without drink (water)!

An interesting perspective, is it not?

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