On The 12 Steps

Take Out The Trash

I wanted to share the following beautiful illustration I heard at a meeting a couple weeks ago about the way one fellow member describes what it is like to do the 4th step: He compared it to what we would do with a pile of garbage.  We have two choices: The first is to put all …Continue reading →

Step 2, Part 1: “Came to believe…”

When I first came into program, I considered myself to be an atheist.  Through going to meetings and reading The Big Book, I discovered that I was really an agnostic.  This meant that I believed that the existence of God could not be proven, but that I was at least open to the possibility that …Continue reading →

Step1, Part 2: “…our lives had become unmanageable.”

The second half of Step 1 has to do with coming to terms with the unmanageability of our food addiction.  For me, this was easier than admitting powerlessness because it was so obvious, not only to others (who could “see” my addiction on my overweight body), but to myself in all the ways that I …Continue reading →

Step 1, Part 1: “…we were powerless…”

By virtue of the fact that you are “doing” Step 1, I think it is first important to give credit where credit is due: Congratulations!  You have obviously made three very important decisions: to be open-minded about the 12-Step process, to at least try this new approach, and to change from a mindset of perfectionism …Continue reading →

Step 2, Part 2: “…restore us to sanity.”

Before we can take the 2nd part of Step 2, we have to understand exactly what it is saying.  And what it is saying is that we addicts are insane.  Only recently have I really accepted this to be the truth.  For years I glossed over this issue, thinking it referred to people who were “more …Continue reading →