“That Still, Small Voice”

About a year ago, I started “hearing from God.”  Doesn’t that sound so crazy?  Like I think I am actually in communication with The Great Creator?!  If someone had told me the same thing only a few short months ago, I would have been the first to say there was something wrong with them.  After all, I was a psychology major in college, I’ve watched all kinds of documentaries on serial killers,…  Hearing voices?  That’s just NUTS!

But when you really think about it, don’t we all “hear voices” all the time?  For some reason, though, we don’t have a problem with it if we say that we need to “reprogram the negative tapes in our heads.”  But aren’t those tapes actually “voices” in our minds telling us that we aren’t good enough or that we are worthless or that everyone is talking about us?

We each have a voice inside of us that sounds like us, and it tells us all sorts of things all the time.   The only difference between this voice and the voice of our Higher Power is that all the messages that come from our Higher Power are POSITIVE messages.  Kind of like what you “hear” when you say that your “conscience” told you to do or not to do something.  Or what you hear when you spontaneously speak words of encouragement to yourself or others.  I once heard someone in a meeting say that he liked to think of that Dr. Seuss book, “Horton Hears A Who,” whenever he imagined his Higher Power trying to communicate with Him.  I’ve also heard that positive voice being likened to a radio channel – – it is constantly sending out signals, but if you are not tuned-in to that particular frequency, you are not going to get the messages.  That’s why meditation is so important – – it forces us to quiet all that “noise” (negative tapes, self-talk, memories, to-do lists,…) that is always spinning around in our brains so we CAN hear that still, small voice.

Remember, your Higher Power should be tied-in to something that makes you feel good, like the The Power Of Love or The Good Of Man, so that when you hear that voice, it will not be shouting at you or condemning you.  If your Higher Power makes you feel like you are a “bad” person, you need to change that channel…and FAST!

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