The Uncoolest Addiction Of Them All

Have you ever noticed that some addictions are “cooler” than others?  I think this is really clear with cigarette smoking.  “Back in the day,” it was the thing to do if you wanted to be cool.  Watch any episode of “I Love Lucy” and you’ll see what I mean. Drinking & Drugging?  To me they …Continue reading →

Prozac vs Perfectionism

It took me almost two full years of suffering with severe anxiety to finally go on anti-depressant medication at the age of 23.  And that was only after the continuous urgings of a good friend.  But I never really accepted the fact that I really needed this medication…until now. Up until last year, I would still …Continue reading →

The Big Book’s “Food Plan”

The following is an excerpt from The Big Book, pages 133-134: “One of the many doctors who had the opportunity of reading this book in manuscript form told us that the use of sweets was often helpful, of course depending upon a doctor’s advice.  He thought that all alcoholics should constantly have chocolates available for …Continue reading →

Drunks At Meetings (Myself Included)

About 2 years ago I started going to AA as part of my food addiction recovery.  A few months in, an obviously drunk man showed-up at one of my regular meetings.  I was appalled.  I mean, I could see if the person just smelled like booze and sat there quietly, but this guy was loud-mouthed, slurring …Continue reading →

How I Became A Christian

Just before I came back to OA, a dear friend kept trying to convince me to check-out Christian speaker Joel Osteen (see Inspirational Links, if interested).  I finally reluctantly agreed.  To my surprise, after seeing his show, I realized that this was the first time in my life that I had ever walked-away from a Christian …Continue reading →

Step1, Part 2: “…our lives had become unmanageable.”

The second half of Step 1 has to do with coming to terms with the unmanageability of our food addiction.  For me, this was easier than admitting powerlessness because it was so obvious, not only to others (who could “see” my addiction on my overweight body), but to myself in all the ways that I …Continue reading →

My “God Job”

About four years ago, my husband and I were forced to leave our jobs and almost lost our house.  Throughout that difficult time, I know that God was taking care of us, but I didn’t know it at the time.  In fact, if we hadn’t left that company, not only do I truly believe that …Continue reading →

“Do you believe in ‘magical thinking?’ “

This was a question my counselor asked me a while back.  I was saying that I didn’t want to “jinx” myself by mentioning that I had finally been abstinent for a few weeks,… and she responded with this question.  I was like, “No, I don’t believe in magical thinking.  It’s just one of those silly …Continue reading →

Lies On My Addiction To Food

Through the process of writing my 4th Step, I uncovered SO, so many lies that I have been living by  – without even knowing that I was living by them.  That’s the scary part.  It’s one thing to know you are lying to yourself, but it’s quite another to have no clue that you’re lying …Continue reading →

Step 1, Part 1: “…we were powerless…”

By virtue of the fact that you are “doing” Step 1, I think it is first important to give credit where credit is due: Congratulations!  You have obviously made three very important decisions: to be open-minded about the 12-Step process, to at least try this new approach, and to change from a mindset of perfectionism …Continue reading →