On “The Promises”

“If we are painstaking…”

So begin the promises of AA (and all 12-Step programs).  On the bottom of page 83 of The Big Book, you can read all of them (or just click on “The Promises” at the top of this page).  They are the whole reason why those of us in program continue to fight, one day at …Continue reading →

“…we will be amazed…”

Here are just a few definitions of the word “amazed” that I recently found online: …bewildered, greatly surprised, astonished, overwhelmed, awestruck, to be stunned by the greatness of a thing, tongue-tied, speechless,… I chose the ones that I thought best expressed my own sense of “amazement” at the magnitude of the conversion from hopelessness to …Continue reading →

“…before we are halfway through.”

For years in program, I thought that this part of the Big Book promises referred to being halfway through doing the steps (which would be at the end of Step 6).  But if you read this line within the context of the chapter it’s in and what is being discussed prior, it becomes clear that it …Continue reading →