“…we will be amazed…”

Here are just a few definitions of the word “amazed” that I recently found online:

bewildered, greatly surprised, astonished, overwhelmed, awestruck, to be stunned by the greatness of a thing, tongue-tied, speechless,…

I chose the ones that I thought best expressed my own sense of “amazement” at the magnitude of the conversion from hopelessness to hope that has taken place in my life.  And yet, I know that this was little more than an exercise in futility, as words cannot come close to adequately capturing the way such an experience feels.  Having been set free from a physically, emotionally, and spiritually crippling disease after years of suffering is something that only those who have experienced it can truly understand.   But at the very core of this feeling is a genuine sense of gratitude as we realize that our Higher Power is “doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.”  We understand at an intuitive level that we are “the chosen ones” – – those who have been lucky enough to have found program and escaped the clutches of a disease that wanted nothing more than to make us part of its grim legacy.

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