“Step 0″ = Courage

Before you even begin to think about “doing” the 12 Steps, I think it is important to acknowledge how difficult it is for newcomers to make that vital first “pre-step” to attend their first meeting.  Few other things in life require as much courage as the decision to take-on your inner demons.  And the way I see it, there are at least two different steps within this “Step 0,” as I like to call it, each scarier than the next.  The first is admitting that something in your life is out of whack.  The mere act of stepping through the door of your first meeting requires that you at least know something is wrong.  The second is acknowledging that you need help with this problem.  Again, if you are walking into a meeting, you have probably already tried all sorts of ways to fix your addiction by yourself, but now, for whatever reason, you are ready to admit that you cannot do it on your own.  So by the time you have actually sat your butt down at your first meeting, you have already done a whole lot of soul searching.  And you have already taken my “Step 0!”  Kudos!

Just one final note on this…  To me, overweight compulsive overeaters walking into their very first OA meeting are the most courageous addicts of them all.  Who but those literally “wearing” their addiction for all to see, walking into their very first meeting in utter defeat, could possibly know any greater feelings of guilt, shame, and despair?  For them to be able to enter the halls of OA in spite of the extreme self-loathing holding them captive is a true miracle.  To me, just in their showing-up, they are the truest personification of the word “inspirational.”

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