Big Book

What I Got Out Of Food

This idea was extremely difficult for me to understand.  For years and years I have been to counselors who tried to get to the bottom of why I ate so much.  They all said, in one way or another, that I must be getting something out of overeating or else I wouldn’t be doing it.  …Continue reading →

“I joined a GYM!”

Over the years, I have joined a few gyms.  I liked a couple but hated most.  I never was one who enjoyed exercise (especially when done <GASP!> in public!!).  The only thing I ever took-to was jogging, probably because it can be a pretty solitary thing, and that I did sporatically and obsessively.  (Nowadays my feet …Continue reading →

“If we are painstaking…”

So begin the promises of AA (and all 12-Step programs).  On the bottom of page 83 of The Big Book, you can read all of them (or just click on “The Promises” at the top of this page).  They are the whole reason why those of us in program continue to fight, one day at …Continue reading →

The Big Book’s “Food Plan”

The following is an excerpt from The Big Book, pages 133-134: “One of the many doctors who had the opportunity of reading this book in manuscript form told us that the use of sweets was often helpful, of course depending upon a doctor’s advice.  He thought that all alcoholics should constantly have chocolates available for …Continue reading →

“…before we are halfway through.”

For years in program, I thought that this part of the Big Book promises referred to being halfway through doing the steps (which would be at the end of Step 6).  But if you read this line within the context of the chapter it’s in and what is being discussed prior, it becomes clear that it …Continue reading →

How I Became Abstinent (This Time)

For seven years (2002-2008), in addition to being a raging compulsive overeater, I was a raging workaholic and I stopped attending all OA meetings.  Sometimes I tried to restrain my compulsion to overeat, but as the stress at work grew, so did my size.  Not only did I eventually regain all of the 96 pounds I …Continue reading →

Take Out The Trash

I wanted to share the following beautiful illustration I heard at a meeting a couple weeks ago about the way one fellow member describes what it is like to do the 4th step: He compared it to what we would do with a pile of garbage.  We have two choices: The first is to put all …Continue reading →

Drunks At Meetings (Myself Included)

About 2 years ago I started going to AA as part of my food addiction recovery.  A few months in, an obviously drunk man showed-up at one of my regular meetings.  I was appalled.  I mean, I could see if the person just smelled like booze and sat there quietly, but this guy was loud-mouthed, slurring …Continue reading →

Step 2, Part 1: “Came to believe…”

When I first came into program, I considered myself to be an atheist.  Through going to meetings and reading The Big Book, I discovered that I was really an agnostic.  This meant that I believed that the existence of God could not be proven, but that I was at least open to the possibility that …Continue reading →

Gum-Chewing (And Other Abstinent Obsessions)

The very first time I became abstinent, I developed all kinds of other weird obsessions without even realizing it.  The first one was eating sugar-free mints.  I specifically remember asking my mom to get me a whole bunch at Christmas & Easter time so I would have something to pop in my mouth instead of …Continue reading →