There Are No Obese Lions

Ever notice that there are no obese lions out in the wild?

No overweight gazelles trying to outrun them?

No fat prairie dogs peeking out of the ground?

With the exception of hibernation, I don’t think there are any cases of wild animal obesity, do you?  I mean, I haven’t researched this, so maybe it does happen, but it seems to me that it is a very rare occurrence indeed.

Why is that?

Obviously I am no animal expert, but, as usual, I do have a theory…

I’d bet that almost all cases of obesity in wild animals can be traced back to humans.  Think about it: whether we are talking about over-fed campground critters, dumpster-diving raccoons, or garbage-picking rodents, it all comes down to the disruptions that humans have caused that make it unnecessary for these animals to find their own food (by expending energy through hunting) the way nature intended.  Without US ruining things for them, they would NOT have an eating problem!

So why am I mentioning all this?  Because to me it proves the 12-step idea that food addiction is primarily a psychological problem.

I don’t think animals living in the wild “stress-out” in the way that people do.  I don’t picture lions worrying about what all the other lions are saying about them, or gazelles worrying about how many other gazelles checked them out, or prairie dogs worrying about how their fur color compares to that of other prairie dogs.  Wild animals don’t seem to have a lot of that craziness that we do – – and maybe THAT’S why they don’t overeat.  As long as they can live as nature intended, without the interference of humans and our “craziness,” they can maintain a normal weight.

Am I the only one who sees some kind of connection here?

Maybe if WE could get back to the way God intended us to live, with love and tolerance for others AND for ourselves, we wouldn’t be overeaters, either!

How do we get there?

By doing the 12 Steps, of course!

Just a thought.

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