Medications? No Way!! Processed Foods? No Problem!!

It was not until about two years ago that I stumbled-upon this amazing paradox that exists in the minds of many (if not all) addicts.  It is the idea that we get so scared, almost to the point of panic, about ingesting some things, and yet, we never give a second thought to destroying our bodies and minds with our drug of choice.  For example….

I have at least four people in my lfie who see nothing wrong with eating at fast food restaurants, but who would rather die than ingest artificial sweeteners.

l know many more people who think nothing of getting drunk every day of their lives, but who would never even consider touching a cigarette for fear of what smoking would do to their lungs.

I know hard core drug addicts who follow amazingly rigorous daily exercise routines.

The group that fascinates me the most, though, is the one that I fit into:  those of us who are scared to death of the side effects of medication, but who have no trouble at all ingesting huge quantities of highly processed foods that are loaded with hundreds of toxic chemicals we know nothing about.  Similarly, I have always had a HUGE fear of medical procedures meant to HELP me, not hurt me, and yet, I used to have no problem at all stuffing my face with so much food that it was actually physically distorting my body and literally changing its chemical composition.

What does this all me?  Simply this (at least in my eyes):

Addiction (of any kind) has very little to do with the substance we use, and a great deal to do with our “stinkin’ thinkin’.”  To me, these examples illustrate perfectly the irrational thinking that accompanies all kinds of compulsive behavior.  That is why the only effective way to defeat cravings is through changing our thoughts and perceptions rather than merely putting down the substance we are abusing.  And in my case, the only way I could change my mind was by asking for help from a power greater than myself.


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