My NON-Resolutions for 2013

To me, one of the greatest gifts of working a 12-Step Program is the fact that I no longer have to beat-myself-up with all the impossible dieting resolutions that I used to make every year.  Here are a few of my “favorites,” (if you know what I mean):

“I will be at my goal weight by spring.”

“I will fit into that outfit I wore in 7th grade by June.”

“I will only eat fruits and vegetables until I am the size I want to be.”

“I will exercise for an hour every day, no matter what.”

This year, once again, I am happy to announce that I will not be making ANY dieting resolutions!  YAY!  What a GIFT!!  By the same token, I DO think that the end of the year is a great time to reflect upon the year that has ended and come up with some attainable goals for the year that’s about to begin.  After doing so, I have come up with my top 3 non-resolutions:

“I will finally finish the children’s book I have been dragging my feet about and attempt to get it published.”

“I will try to be friendlier to people I don’t know.  Every time I do that, I feel better about myself, and I increase the likelihood that I will have the opportunity to spread The Good News (be that about Christianity or The 12 Steps).”

“I will take better care of myself physically by drinking more water, eating less salt, and exercising three times per week.”

I must admit, writing that last one hurt a bit.  I still tend to associated self-care with punishment.  But I am determined to “act as if” I don’t believe that anymore in 2013, especially since I have finally come to understand (at least intellectually) that this is not the truth.  I would guess that unless someone has experienced first-hand the horrible sense of self-loathing that I had growing-up, this idea would seem absurd.  But it is honestly the way I felt.  And I continue to work on letting this “lie I was living” go completely, on a daily basis, through working the 12 Steps.

Wishing all of my readers a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2013.


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