Sponsors Are NOT Your Higher Power

One of the most difficult lessons for those new to 12 Step programs to learn is the fact that, sooner or later, their sponsors will let them down.  Why?  Two reasons: newcomers tend to put their sponsors on pedestals, and sponsors are only human.  But rather than seeing this as a limitation, try to look at it as a metaphor for the way you need to rely on an all-powerful being to deal with ALL you relationships (not just your relationship with food).  Your Higher Power will NEVER let you down, will ALWAYS have your best interest at heart, and will NEVER lead you in the wrong direction.  Sponsors (along with ALL people, for that matter), are only human, and are therefore susceptible to all kinds of human imperfections, including dying.  If you have not cultivated a solid relationship with your HIgher Power and your wonderful sponsor passes away, the results could be devastating to you program.

But what if your sponsor DOES let you down some other way?  Does that mean you need to get rid of him/her?  Not always.  It is usually suggested that you at least try talking things out with that person.  If the two of you can’t work things out, remember that you always have the right to switch sponsors at will.

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