What are “The 12 Steps?”

The 12 Steps are the instructions on how to break-free from addicition.  In the original steps, they only referred to alcohol, but they have since been adapted to work for any “drug of choice.”  The 12 Steps are taken directly from The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (see “12-Step Links” on the side of this page for The Big Book or just click on “The 12 & 12″ at the top of this page to see the steps).

The 12 Steps help addicts to understand that their addicton is a disease, to uncover and get-rid-of the underlying issues causing them to use, to learn to depend upon a Higher Power for guidance with all aspects of life, and to reach-out to other addicts.  They have helped millions of people all over the world recover from every form of addiction from food to alcohol, from smoking to gambling.  When followed exactly, they WILL work for you, too.

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