A Message To Binge-Eaters

I was just flipping channels and saw this woman (Christa Black) singing the most beautiful song (which I am going to post on this site), and I found this video she made.  Definitely worth the two and a half minutes of your time… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcxDNBPhVT0 PS – – here are the AWESOME lyrics to her song, …Continue reading →

My NON-Resolutions for 2013

To me, one of the greatest gifts of working a 12-Step Program is the fact that I no longer have to beat-myself-up with all the impossible dieting resolutions that I used to make every year.  Here are a few of my “favorites,” (if you know what I mean): “I will be at my goal weight by spring.” …Continue reading →

Hooray For “Hairspray!”

Just needed an excuse to add these links…WITH a warning!! LOTS OF FOOD REFERENCES HERE!! – – but so garsh-darn FUN!!  And who CAN’T love the line, “…who wants a twig when you can have the whole tree?!”  LOL! When I am feeling a little down about myself, I put this movie on and before …Continue reading →

The Springtime Blues

As I begin to see winter clothes filling the racks in honor of “back-to-school-days,” I feel comforted and cozy.  It happens every year.  No matter how blah I may have been feeling, when I enter a store and see sweaters and long pants, mittens and scarves, and my personal favorite, boots, I suddenly feel like…AHHHHHH! Why?  Because …Continue reading →

My Imaginary Audience

When I was in college, I took a class called “Adolescent Psychology.”  That’s the first time I ever heard of the concept of an “imaginary audience.”  And as soon as I heard it, I knew I had it – and always had.  It is the idea of thinking you are always on-stage.  That everything you do is …Continue reading →

What I Got Out Of Food

This idea was extremely difficult for me to understand.  For years and years I have been to counselors who tried to get to the bottom of why I ate so much.  They all said, in one way or another, that I must be getting something out of overeating or else I wouldn’t be doing it.  …Continue reading →

There Are No Obese Lions

Ever notice that there are no obese lions out in the wild? No overweight gazelles trying to outrun them? No fat prairie dogs peeking out of the ground? With the exception of hibernation, I don’t think there are any cases of wild animal obesity, do you?  I mean, I haven’t researched this, so maybe it …Continue reading →

The Uncoolest Addiction Of Them All

Have you ever noticed that some addictions are “cooler” than others?  I think this is really clear with cigarette smoking.  “Back in the day,” it was the thing to do if you wanted to be cool.  Watch any episode of “I Love Lucy” and you’ll see what I mean. Drinking & Drugging?  To me they …Continue reading →

“I joined a GYM!”

Over the years, I have joined a few gyms.  I liked a couple but hated most.  I never was one who enjoyed exercise (especially when done <GASP!> in public!!).  The only thing I ever took-to was jogging, probably because it can be a pretty solitary thing, and that I did sporatically and obsessively.  (Nowadays my feet …Continue reading →

Prozac vs Perfectionism

It took me almost two full years of suffering with severe anxiety to finally go on anti-depressant medication at the age of 23.  And that was only after the continuous urgings of a good friend.  But I never really accepted the fact that I really needed this medication…until now. Up until last year, I would still …Continue reading →