A Message To Binge-Eaters

I was just flipping channels and saw this woman (Christa Black) singing the most beautiful song (which I am going to post on this site), and I found this video she made.  Definitely worth the two and a half minutes of your time…


PS – – here are the AWESOME lyrics to her song, “God Loves Ugly”:

You said that I wasn’t pretty so I just believed you

You said that I wasn’t special so I lived that way

With critical gazes and brutal amazement

At how my reflection could be so imperfect

With all of my blemishes how could somebody want me

But God loves ugly

He doesn’t see the way I see

Oh, God takes ugly

And turns it into something that is beautiful

Apparently I’m beautiful

‘Cause You love me

I tried to clean up the outside all shiny

And worked overtime to thin up and look right

But inside I knew that deep in the bottom

Were secrets I thought I could try to ignore

Old ghosts in my corridors

Never get tired

Of haunting the past that’s in me

Help me believe

Why you love me

When I know you see you see everything

Help me believe

Why you love me

When I know you see inside

And you still say I’m beautiful

You’re telling me I’m beautiful

You’re screaming out, so beautiful

And I’m finding out I’m beautiful

You’re making me so beautiful

And I can see I’m beautiful

‘Cause you love me



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