May The Force Be With You!

One of my favorite tricks that just “came to me” one day is the idea of picturing a force field around myself that protects me from grabbing extra food.  (I put the words came to me in quotes because I know I didn’t come up with this on my own – – I really believe that it was a gift from my Higher Power.)  I just pictured scribbly yellow lines all around me, as if I was on video and someone took a yellow crayon and made short back-and-forth yellow lines all around me and these stayed with me no matter how I moved or where I went.  The more I used this image and found that it helped me, the more I added to it.  First I decided that it’s “superpower” was that it only let foods and amounts that were on my food plan to penetrate.  Next I decided that it would work on “food thoughts” the same way.  This yellow force field kept healthy eating thoughts in my mind, but didn’t let “bad” ones get through to me.  Finally, I added a “super-zapper” that has a devastating effect on those “temptation vibes,” as I call them, that certain foods emit.  I imagine that I have a special red button that I can press in my mind that acts the same way that extra super-power button on the old arcade game “Tempest” did – – it destroys every negative thing in sight.  Sound ridiculous?  It is.  Does it work?  You betcha!  Try it and see!

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