Why I Don’t Drink

I often mention that I have never gotten high or drunk in my blog posts, but I think it is important for my readers to understand how this came about.  Looking back, I feel that it was the work of my Higher Power that protected me from these two horrible addictions, but at the time …Continue reading →

I Can’t Blame My Family

Coming back to OA after a 100-pound-plus weight-gain was not easy – I’m not going to lie.  But once I was there, because I was a lot older and more worldly (I can’t honestly say “wiser”), I found it to be much easier this time to make friends.  Due to the inherent stunting powers of this …Continue reading →

“I can see it in your face.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have lost large amounts of weight (I am talking over 50 pounds, here), only to hear these fatal words.  At first my hopes soar as someone says, “Hey!  You look like you lost weight!”  Then they crash and burn when I hear, “I can really see it …Continue reading →

“ONLY one pound?!” – Pt. 2

After writing “Only ONE pound?!,” I realized that, if I said that same sentence with the emphasis on the first word rather than on the second (“ONLY one pound?!”), then I would have the opposite side of the same coin.  If I got on that same scale and GAINED a pound rahter than LOST a pound, …Continue reading →

Gum-Chewing (And Other Abstinent Obsessions)

The very first time I became abstinent, I developed all kinds of other weird obsessions without even realizing it.  The first one was eating sugar-free mints.  I specifically remember asking my mom to get me a whole bunch at Christmas & Easter time so I would have something to pop in my mouth instead of …Continue reading →

“Only ONE pound?!” – Pt. 1

My abstinent food plan calls for me to only weigh myself at my counselor’s office.  Since I only see her roughly once every six-to-eight weeks, I have been forced to give-up the majority of the obsessive behaviors related to getting weighed, like getting on the scale daily (or more), using calories to try to calculate …Continue reading →

“Do you believe in ‘magical thinking?’ “

This was a question my counselor asked me a while back.  I was saying that I didn’t want to “jinx” myself by mentioning that I had finally been abstinent for a few weeks,… and she responded with this question.  I was like, “No, I don’t believe in magical thinking.  It’s just one of those silly …Continue reading →