For Newbies

What is “The Big Book?”

“The Big Book” is the book that all 12-Step programs are based upon.  The actual title of the book is “Alcoholics Anonymous,” (which is where the name of the first 12-Step groups came from), but over time it has come to be known as The Big Book.  It was written in 1939 by Bill Wilson.  After …Continue reading →

What is a “sponsor” and how do I get one?

A “sponsor” is a person you call and meet with for support.  You choose a sponsor based upon hearing them speak at meetings and seeing something in that person that you would like to have for yourself.  For example, potential sponsors may have lost and kept-off a large amount of weight, or maybe they have conquered an …Continue reading →

What is “abstinence?”

You probably already know that when alcoholics in recovery say they are “sober,” it means that they are not drinking any alcohol.  But when food addicts in recovery say they are “abstinent,” does this mean that they are not eating any food?  Of course not.  In OA, “abstinence” is the word used to describe freedom from eating compulsively.  What does that …Continue reading →