The Dream Of Dreams

Several months ago, while I was watching “Reflections” on the Daystar network (my favorite form of morning meditation), I dozed-off in front of the television and had the following vivid dream.  Now, whenever I feel overwhelmed or down-hearted, I picture this scene and it always calms me down.  I hope it does the same for you.

I am hurrying away from a small picturesque cottage in a place like the Irish countryside – – lush green rolling hills and bright blue skies with puffy white clouds.  I want to take-in the beautiful surroundings, but I have just been given some type of upsetting news and for some reason, it is imperative that I get over the long sloping hill right in front of me as soon as possible. I start my trek up the hill, making my way around the large white stones and meandering stream rippling through the green slope.  I keep my head down as I go, worried that it is taking too long, but I am relieved to see that I am nearing the peak.  I feel certain that as soon as I can get over the top, I will be very close to my destination.  As I approach it, the slope gets steeper, but I continue on.  Finally I am able to see beyond the hill I am on, but all that stretches before me are more and more hills.  A feeling on panic rushes over me and I drop to my knees, hysterically crying.  Out of desperation, I raise my hands and face to the sky and cry-out, “God, please help me!  I get it now!  I finally get it!  I was supposed to do it your way!  I get it now!  I really do!”  Then I collapse onto the ground, sobbing.  The scene suddenly changes and I am once again on the same lush green slope with the same white stones and the same meandering stream, but this time I am easily striding down the slope.  I am almost singing I am so happy, and I am now able to take-in the breathtaking view that is all around me as I say out loud, “God, thank You, thank You, THANK You!  I KNEW your way would be easier!  I just KNEW it!”  Whatever had been weighing on my mind is gone.  I don’t even know where I am supposed to be going, but somehow I know I am going the right way.  As I am going along, I happen to glance down and see a large mason jar half-buried in the soil between the rocks and the stream.  I bend down to look at it and it is filled to the top with silver coins about six inches in diameter that are so perfect and shiny that they look like they are made out of mercury.  I reach my hand into the mouth of the jar and lift out a stack of coins.  I am conveniently wearing some type of loose-fitting jacket with inside pockets.  I fill the first pocket with the stack of coins and reach for another, only to find that the jar is again filled to the top.  I take another handful, put it into the other inside pocket, and happily continue on my way down the beautiful, peaceful slope. 

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